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    • 21.

      Health, Lip Augmentation Procedure

      by DANIEL BEASLEY - 2008-09-30
      At one time, if you had unattractively thin lips from either heredity or aging, there was not a lot you could do, except put on extra lipstick and hope nobody would notice. With anything less than...
    • 22.

      Collagen Isn't Just For The Beauty Industry

      by AHD International - 2008-10-10
      Collagen has long been attributed to the health and flexibility of hair nails and skin. This protein is an important and essential part of muscles, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, joints and blood vess...
    • 23.

      Cosmetics And Beauty Products

      by Jerzy George - 2008-11-04
      There are more than 50,000 different cosmetics on the market today. Most of these products simply pick up on the latest consumer fad, even though the product doesn't actually work. For example, take a...
    • 24.

      What Your Skin Craves

      by Jerzy George - 2008-11-06
      Did you know that your skin is a living thing? As a living thing, your skin craves certain things to keep it healthy and vital. In order to avoid losing your skin's natural collagen, make sure to fee...
    • 25.

      Beat Those Winter Blues With Cod Liver Oil

      by Jahir Ahmed - 2008-11-10
      Cod Liver Oil has long been recommended as part of a healthy diet and has been renowned for many years for its ability to help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and supple joints. Now research ...
    • 26.

      Unique Anti-aging Skin Care Products

      by Jerzy George - 2008-11-12
      Mature skin requires special skin care products, great anti-aging items, and extra time spent caring for it. If you learn how to take care of mature skin, you will find that the outcome is glowing sk...
    • 27.

      Skin Care Routine Simple & Precise

      by Jerzy George - 2008-11-12
      Do you want to hear an interesting fact? Most people don't know how to go through basic skin care steps. Below, you will find the best way to go through a basic skin care process that you can complet...
    • 28.

      Skin Care & Proper Foods Nutrients

      by Jerzy George - 2008-11-18
      Has anyone ever told you to feed your face? Well, this phrase takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to proper skin care. A great health and beauty regimen begins with the right foods for your bo...
    • 29.

      How to Look Younger: Tackle Wrinkles Without Surgery

      by Colleen Lilly - 2008-11-25
      Copyright (c) 2008 Your Mind Body and Soul 123How can you wade through mountains of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products that are supposed to make you look younger longer? Is there any information ab...
    • 30.

      Fashion & Cosmetics, Collagen Ultra Beauty Remedies and Where to Get The Best Ones

      by ELIZABETH RUBY - 2009-01-16
      Ever wonder how collagen ultra beauty remedies work? You may or may not know that collagen is the main protein of the connective tissues in our body. In fact it is true of all mammals. The...