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    • 1.

      Matthew Kelly, My Favorite Author

      by Ben Ehinger - 2006-11-30
      Before we go any further let me explain that I am not making a dime in profit from this article. Yes, most of the articles I write I make money from, but this one is specifically because I am in awe ...
    • 2.

      We Can Begin the World Again

      by Eileen Fleming - 2006-11-30
      Jerusalem-On June 26, 2006 this reporter attended a world wide satellite linked Interfaith Peace Conference at Jerusalem's Notre Dame Cathedral. Dan Rather moderated from Washington DC and the Holy La...
    • 3.

      10 Logical Reasons To Belive In God

      by The Pen - 2006-12-01
      Whether you are an atheist, agnostic or a person who is struggling to believe, have little faith or great faith there is a set of logistical thinking that can be applied to understand the probability ...
    • 4.

      What Is Your Weakness

      by Brian Ramdhan - 2006-12-04
      Hello Champion, thank you for reading this. I hope that you are blessed by this article.As Christians we all struggle with some form of weakness. Some struggle with Girls, some with Boys, some with mo...
    • 5.

      The 5 Most Important Questions and Answers About Jesus

      by Christian Penn - 2006-12-04
      I do not claim any special authority or insight for my perspectives regarding the questions and answers set-forth below. The answers are based on my study of the bible, contemplation of the issues and...
    • 6.

      Take Positive Christian Steps to Overcome the Spirit of Racism

      by Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson - 2006-12-05
      Racism is a forager of human souls. Racism like any other evil comes only to steal, to kill and to destroy our human soul (John 10:10). It hunts down, possesses and haunts its perpetrators, human targ...
    • 7.

      The Power of the Bible

      by John Savage - 2006-12-06
      Its a cold winters night, but no one seems to notice the chill. Gathered in the tiny 36×18 foot building, 31 Romanians are in the midst of praise and worship. The small wood stove is barely casti...
    • 8.

      Why the Wounds of a Friend Hurt Like Hell Yet Work So Well

      by Les Herron - 2006-12-06
      "Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful" Proverbs 27:6The word 'faithful' (H539) in this scripture can be translated as supportive, as well as to foster or nurse...
    • 9.

      The Art of Christian Writing

      by Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson - 2006-12-06
      Over the past years it is not at all surprising that Christian book sales, both fiction and nonfiction works, has soared. In fact not only are more Christian authors making a living from their writing...
    • 10.

      Is It Possible To Win The War In Iraq?

      by Linda Dipman - 2006-12-07
      Many people are confused as to why the war in Iraq never comes to an end. They want the war on terror to be fought, but they don't like to sacrifice American soldiers' lives. It is time to look at t...