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    • 1.

      Are You Looking For A Celtic Tattoo Design?

      by Derek Cladek - 2006-12-23
      Why are so many people searching for the Celtic tattoo design? Last month, November 2006 over 39,477 people where searching for the popular design. It's a design that not only has a historical signifi...
    • 2.

      The Complex History And Artwork Of Celtic Crosses

      by Martin Mallett - 2007-05-03
      The well known Celtic cross and Celtic Christianity is a thing of beauty and is also a possessor of very many meanings. In appearence, it resembles a traditional Christian cross but with a circle draw...
    • 3.

      Celtic Crosses - An Ancient and Powerful Symbol

      by Martin Mallett - 2007-05-03
      The cross of the Celts and Celtic Christianity is a symbol of beauty and also a possessor of many meanings. It resembles a traditional Christian cross, with a circle drawn around the joints of the ...
    • 4.

      Celtic Wedding Rings - The Perfect Alternative To Traditional Wedding Rings

      by - 2007-05-16
      A wedding ring purchase is a major part of any wedding preparations. Since it is something that will be worn for the rest of your lives, it should be something that the both of you will enjoy wearing ...
    • 5.

      The Origin of Irish Baby Names

      by Neil Street - 2007-07-01
      Take a glance at a bookstore's baby names shelf, and you'll see that Irish baby names are a very popular category. But for many prospective parents, Irish names can be very confusing. Many diffe...
    • 6.

      Christian, Noëlle - A Christmas Movie Powerhouse with a Message to Heal Millions

      by MICHAEL BRESCIANI - 2007-11-26
      Movies today can end with nothing being resolved and some films even offer alternate endings in the event you didn't like the way it did end. The movie Noëlle ends with something we can all live ...
    • 7.

      Noëlle - A Christmas Movie Powerhouse with a Message to Heal Millions

      by Rev Michael Bresciani - 2007-11-28
      Opening in theatres around the nation on December 7, 2007 Noëlle is a low budget picture with a big budget impact written by David Wall and produced by Lenny Manzo and David and Kerry Wall. It ...
    • 8.

      Choosing A Tattoo Design Getting Rock Star Ink A Rock Music Lifestyle

      by Vin DeWolfe - 2008-07-27
      Other people haven't got a clue as to what they want, they just want a tat. But, just popping into a tattoo parlor and asking them to just give you a tat will get you something you may regret. A tatto...
    • 9.

      The Significance of the Celtic Cross

      by Ling Tong - 2008-07-30
      There are many places in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland where you will see large numbers of Celtic crosses. Many people confuse the Celtic cross with the High Cross and the Irish Memo...
    • 10.

      A Tutorial for Celtic Cross Stitch

      by Ling Tong - 2008-07-30
      You can use either Aida cloth or line for Celtic cross stitch, but Aida is the preferred fabric because the holes are already in the fabric for you. It is also bets for beginners and for those who ma...