celtic tattoos

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  • celtic tattoos

    • 1.

      Help With Deciding On The Right Tattoo

      by Derek Cladek - 2007-01-14
      When you have decided that you really want a tattoo and you know of a tattoo artist you are going to use then the next step is deciding on a particular tattoo design that you want. From this point on ...
    • 2.

      Choosing a Celtic Tattoo is not Easy

      by Derek Cladek - 2007-11-17
      Celtic tattoos have survived the millenniums as a symbol of pride and tradition. Since the first Romans saw that tattoos adorned on the body of dead Celtic warriors, there has been a fascination abou...
    • 3.

      Celtic Cross Tattoos - Revealing The Truth

      by John McCleary - 2008-10-22
      Celtic cross tattoos are the greatest way to show your faith and heritage in the Celtic tradition. In fact, every Celtic design provides some meaning and displays an obvious statement of loyalty and ...
    • 4.

      Celtic Cross Tattoos - What is the True Meaning?

      by John McCleary - 2008-10-22
      Celtic cross tattoos are the most powerful way of expressing your faith in God's love. The cross is regarded mainly as a symbolization of Christianity nowadays. The Pagan followers consider it as the...
    • 5.

      Celtic Cross Tattoos - How Can They Be So Popular?

      by John McCleary - 2008-10-28
      Celtic cross tattoos are the most powerful symbols to convey the love for God. The Celtic cross has rich and colourful history. Ancient Celtic people did not have written language and they used symbo...
    • 6.

      Celtic Cross Tattoos - Let Your Skin Tell This Ancient Story

      by Joel Carr - 2008-10-28
      Celtic cross tattoos are the great reflection of deep belief and faith in God. If you want to convey some spiritual meaning, then the Celtic cross is the most fashionable way nowadays. Obviously the ...
    • 7.

      Is A Tribal Tattoo Right For You

      by Derek C - 2008-11-25
      No matter what corner of the world you visit or what culture or history you examine you will run across some reference to tattooing or body art. From the cold blistery shores of Ireland where the Celt...
    • 8.

      Celtic Tattoos: Meanings Of Ancient Celtic Symbols

      by C.L. Xavier - 2009-12-05
      Many people today are getting Celtic tattoos. These ancient symbols have awakened some real sense of meaning. Perhaps this is because the modern world does not have much to do with tradition and symbo...