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    • 41.

      Apply What You Know About Marketing Catalogs

      by Kaye Z. Marks - 2008-11-20
      Are you writing a product description or are you writing something that is specifically meant to generate a lot of interest on a product and get that product to sell well? Catalog printing is not so...
    • 42.

      The Beginning of the Cataloging Code

      by Samuel Bryant - 2008-11-27
      The first significant cataloging code was published in 1841. The realization that cooperation and standardization was superior to the earlier form of cataloging encouraged the compilation and distrib...
    • 43.

      Ala Catalog Rules and the International Meeting of Cataloguing Experts

      by Samuel Bryant - 2008-11-27
      In response to the needs of the large academic libraries in the early 1900s, the Anglo-American Rules of 1908 (AA 1908) was created. This was the first time that the libraries in the United States an...
    • 44.

      Go Beyond the Expectations of Your Target Market

      by Kaye Z. Marks - 2008-11-27
      I like a surprise just as much as the next person, and the best way for a company to surprise me is to deliver something that I was not expecting.I have certain expectations about a business whether ...
    • 45.

      Catalogs With Instant Credit can Give You a Better Credit Score

      by Matt D Murren - 2009-01-15
      There are several ways you can boost your credit score. You can pay off your debt; transfer your balance, etc. But there is a way that few people think of and that is by using catalogs with inst...
    • 46.

      5 Tips To Profit From Your Catalog

      by Colleen Davis - 2010-02-11
      Here are ways to increase the effectiveness of your catalog printing. Browse through them and decide what you can use to improve on your lackluster print catalogs:1. Let them walk - a lot! - in your c...
    • 47.

      Who Said Only An Expert Can Print Remarkable Catalogs?

      by Lynne Saarte - 2010-09-17
      Believe it or not, it takes no special skill or expertise to create catalogs. And though you may not be an expert, it is very possible for you to come up with professional-looking catalogs that could ...