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    • 1.

      Car Wash

      by Deepak Bansal - 2007-01-29
      Car wash is basically a place where you can get your car cleaned and washed. A Car wash place has special equipments which are used for the washing the motor vehicles. Car wash has been introduced a c...
    • 2.

      Finding New Customers and Encouraging Loyalty - Simple Strategies for Car Care Professionals

      by Jay Siff - 2007-03-09
      Car care facilities are like many local businesses; they rely on loyal customers who, time and time again, return because they like the service, atmosphere, and price. And, whether your facility is a ...
    • 3.

      The Dirty Side Of Car Washing

      by JDudra - 2007-03-30
      Well, it's that time of year again. The weather is warming up, and for many people, washing the car in the driveway on a Saturday afternoon is a family tradition. This means taking out the soaps, spon...
    • 4.

      Environmental Impacts On Your Automobile

      by JDudra - 2007-03-30
      Everyday your car is pelted with an array of contaminants from the environment. Pollution from the rain, air, and road all will heavily impact the quality of your cars appearance. Once this pollution ...
    • 5.

      Surfer's Guide to a Clean Car

      by Jdudra - 2007-03-28
      It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly my car can go from an auto detailer's paradise to a sandbox in just one day. One would think that owning a waterless car wash company would make me more...
    • 6.

      Car Washing During Water Restrictions

      by Jdudra - 2007-03-30
      As the summer approaches, water restrictions have already begun to take hold in many parts of the country. Just take a look at the U.S. Drought Monitor and you can clearly see the areas affected by...
    • 7.

      Detailing the interior of your car

      by Timmyc38 - 2007-04-12
      Carpets Vacuum them thoroughly first, then remove any stains with stain remover and a brush. Let the carpets dry completely. For mild stains, dilute the solution with water in a spray bottle. Use a...
    • 8.

      Quick and Easy Ways to Clean Your Vehicles Interior

      by Samantha McCartney - 2008-09-21
      Whether you are prepping your car to be sold or you just want it to be clean there are easy ways to achieve that goal. Since many car owners lead busy lives, they sometimes find it hard to keep their...
    • 9.

      Care For Your Car With Car Wash & Detailing

      by Ashley Conner - 2008-10-13
      Car wash and detailing refer to the thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of any automobile inside and out. This is often done if you wish to have your car cleaned on a show-quality level. A car was...
    • 10.

      Wash My Car - The Mobile Car Wash Franchise Starts The Worldwide Expansion

      by Wash My Car FRANCHISE - 2009-11-20
      Start YOUR business TODAY!Start WASH MY CAR - The mobile car wash franchise!For at least 4 reasons:1. The mobile car wash business will have an exponential grow in the next years due to the numerous r...