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    • 1.

      Get Suitable Coverage through Affordable Car Insurance

      by Henry Bell - 2006-12-13
      Car insurance is no longer an insurance policy for the wealthy few. With many insurance companies in the market that provide car insurance policies, the rate of premium of car insurance policies has ...
    • 2.

      Understanding The Minefield of Car Insurance

      by Carmel Baird - 2007-03-13
      Looking for a car, be it a brand new model or a pre-loved car with one or more previous owners, you do compare the many features of the vehicle. Yet when insuring your car, many times this is the las...
    • 3.

      Car Insurance Savings -- A Simple Step That Will Save You A Lot

      by - 2007-05-18
      There are very many ways you can make savings in car insurance. I have been writing on these ways lately. I will touch one of such ways here. This one involves learning and developing a skill. It may ...
    • 4.

      Car Insurance Savings -- Commonsense Can Save You A Lot

      by - 2007-05-19
      Who says commonsense won't save you so much in car insurance? You might be surprised at how much you can save by just using your good sense of judgment. Let's make things clearer with a couple of exam...
    • 5.

      How Under-25 Drivers Can Lower Their Car Insurance Premiums

      by - 2007-05-19
      It's no news that young drivers are very expensive to insure. Are there ways a young person can lower his/her quote? This article is just about those things a young person can do to reduce his or her ...
    • 6.

      Florida Car Insurance

      by David Faulkner - 2007-10-31
      Florida drivers have a minimum requirement for automobile insurance, which includes death, or injury for ten thousand dollars, twenty thousand for one accident and only ten thousand for property damag...
    • 7.

      How To Save Money On Your Car Insurance Policy

      by Jon Arnold - 2007-11-01
      It is a fair statement to say that nobody wants to pay more for something than they need to, and this is particularly true of one's car insurance policy. You want to have car insurance, you rea...
    • 8.

      Getting The Most From Your Car Insurance Policy

      by Jon Arnold - 2007-11-01
      If you are like most people, you probably grimace when you are writing out your check every month or every quarter to make a payment on your car insurance policy. On one hand you hate to do it ...
    • 9.

      Car Insurance Coverage for Pets in Car Accidents

      by Amy Danise - 2008-06-19
      Pets ride in cars all the time, but what if they're injured in a car accident? Whose car insurance company pays to treat their injuries? The answer depends on the cause of the accident.Riding in cars ...
    • 10.

      Insurance, Steps To Save A Ton On Your Car Insurance Policy

      by Jon Arnold - 2008-09-06
      Are you getting the most for your money when it comes to your car insurance policy? Between the rising cost of gasoline and car insurance, a bicycle or a horse starts to look pretty interesting th...