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    • 21.

      Frequently Asked Satellite TV Questions

      by James C - 2007-03-19
      Satellite TV is a great alternative to the high prices of cable television. If you want to get satellite TV you might have a few questions about the service. Read this article and learn the answers to...
    • 22.

      Digital TV Switchover Date Set

      by Chris Marshall - 2007-04-06
      The date has been set for the first Digital TV switchover in the UK. The analogue TV signal will be turned off from 17 October in Whitehaven area of western Cumbria. First to go will be BBC2 before be...
    • 23.

      Comcast Cable Can Provide Great Savings And Convenience

      by Mitchell Crawford - 2007-04-25
      With today's wealth of technologies that allow us to get information and entertainment quickly and easily it is especially important to find the right telecommunications service provider. It is ne...
    • 24.

      Cable Vs Dsl: How To Know What's Better For You

      by Michael Cohen - 2007-05-13
      With the fast pace development of the internet technology today, it's very possible to connect to the world and get information in just a matter of seconds. People who frequently go online have a choi...
    • 25.

      How To Make Your Competition Irrelevant

      by Sweeperstore - 2007-05-31
      We all have competitors. Some of them are local, some sell by mail-order or on the internet. Here's how to literally become "The only game in town".1) Offer services that nobody else will.2) Pac...
    • 26.

      Selling - Could The World's Greatest Salesman Be A Waiter?

      by Sweeperstore - 2007-06-01
      Years ago, My wife, in-laws, and I went into an expensive restaurant. The waiter asked us for our order. I don't remember what we ordered, but I do remember this: The waiter gave a funny look & ...
    • 27.

      What Are The Advantages Of Watching Satellite Tv On Your Home PC?

      by Peter Willets - 2007-06-02
      Computer hardware, software, and the vast infrastructure that constitutes our global communications network have made it not only possible but actually rather simple to enjoy the full benefits of sate...
    • 28.

      How to guarantee your ad will connect with everyone you want.

      by Sweeperstore - 2007-06-05
      I've heard this so often, my ears are bleeding. "My customers are different".We all have differences. We like slightly different kinds of humor, cars, mates, pets, and food.There are cultural di...
    • 29.

      Make The Move From Cable TV to Satellite TV

      by David Johnson - 2007-06-06
      Now that you have made the wise decision to switch over from your current cable TV provider to a satellite TV provider, the next thing you must do is decide which company and programming options y...
    • 30.

      Price Shoppers; What to Do When They Call for a Price

      by Claude Whitacre - 2007-06-11
      A lady recently left our store with a like-new high end vacuum cleaner for $1,199. I'm the third Vacuum cleaner store she called that day. All of us are in the same town. All of us have at least one o...