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    • 1.

      American Idol and All of the Other Crazy Reality Shows We Become Hooked On

      by Gail Leino - 2006-12-15
      Since day one of American Idol, fans of America have fallen into the ever popular schema behind one of many reality TV series: Road Rules, Survivor, Big Brother House, The Bachelor, and The Biggest L...
    • 2.

      10 Lazy Ways To Squeeze A Little Exercise Into Busy Days

      by Thea Westra - 2007-01-03
      There are a lot of us baby-boomers. I think we all recognize that the ease with which we used to discard a few extra kilos, no longer quite works as quickly as it used to in our twenties and thirties....
    • 3.

      Sometimes The Chores Can Wait

      by Diana Groves - 2007-01-12
      My youngest girls are in their teens now and I can not quite believe how quickly the time and their childhoods have vanished.When I look back, having four children, with the youngest two being only fi...
    • 4.

      Another Cup of Coffee

      by Dustin Rudolph - 2007-01-24
      For some every day starts out with a cup of coffee, caffeinated of course. Very simple, very invigorating, and very safe. From there they go on to lead their routinely planned life which includes th...
    • 5.

      See the World, One Weekend at a Time

      by James Samans - 2007-01-28
      Good news: Americans are more productive than ever. Unfortunately, that also means that we're working longer hours. Worse, the time that we're not in the office is no longer protected the way that it ...
    • 6.

      How to Say "NO" Graciously

      by Daniel Sitter - 2007-03-06
      We are busy. Each of us has more on our plate than ever before, more than our counterparts in other lands. We awaken earlier, retire later, work longer, take fewer vacations and sleep less than our pa...
    • 7.

      Are You "Productive" Or Just Plain "Busy"? Use A Planned Activity Tracking Sheet To Find Out!

      by Tayo Solagbade - 2007-03-08
      PreambleI once knew someone who worked in a consulting outfit, before moving to a financial establishment. Just as was the case in his previous job, he was perpetually leaving home as early as 6.00am ...
    • 8.

      Tips For Slowing Down In A Fast World

      by Paul Keetch - 2007-03-15
      The world moves pretty fast... and it's not showing any signs of slowing down.The demands come from every angle: home, work or business, friends and family, community. There's nothing inherently wron...
    • 9.

      Stress Management Techniques to Help Deal With Being Too Busy

      by Shafir Ahmad - 2007-03-18
      If you are like most people, you find yourself in a mad dash from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. People these days are busier than ever before and this adds a lot of stress. But th...
    • 10.

      What It Means When A Woman Tells You That She Is Busy

      by Teddy Shabba - 2007-04-02
      Women have so many ways of keeping men they aren't attracted to at bay that it isn't even funny (once you know about them it is funny though).A real popular one women use that you would think wouldn't...