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    • 21.

      Starting Up Your Business in Tough Economic Times: Eight Ways to Save Money

      by Susan L Reid - 2008-10-16
      Credit lockdown and a gloomy economy are putting a squeeze on small businesses, but don't rule out starting yours up. Instead, put together a cost-friendly start-up by thinking beyond traditional way...
    • 22.

      Guide For Starting A Business

      by Sheila Elliott - 2010-03-15
      If you are planning to start a business, this article has been put together to provide you with guidance on how to go plan your entrepreneur journey. You may have heard people saying that starting a b...
    • 23.

      Seven Guidelines For Gesturing When You Talk

      by gharija - 2010-08-22
      7 Guidelines for gesturing When you talk"How should I act when I give a speech?Generally, the question continues: "I feel a bit silly trying to memorize my speech. The excitement increases as I realiz...