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    • 1.

      What is the Best House Plan for You

      by - 2006-11-28
      As a home designer builders and homebuyers often ask me what is the best house plan for them. This is just such and open-ended question because homes are all unique like their homeowners are. It alway...
    • 2.

      Building a Home in a Coastal Flood Zones

      by - 2006-12-01
      I often meet with clients who have purchased property in flood zones who really don't understand what flood zone they are in, and the affect this will have on the design of there dream home. There are...
    • 3.

      Generations X and Y Poised to Take over Business World

      by Rick Weaver - 2006-12-28
      There has been considerable discussion concerning how the Baby Boomer and Builder generations would handle the transition of power as Generation X and Generation Y prepare to lead the business world o...
    • 4.

      Florida Home Builders

      by Sarah Freeland - 2007-01-02
      If a home in Florida has been a dream of yours, then let's make those dreams come true. With a Florida home builder, you can design a home that will exceed all your expectations. No matter what your p...
    • 5.

      Koi Pond and Waterfall Builders: What You Need to Know

      by Doug Hoover - 2007-01-22
      Before installing a water feature you need to ask yourself several important questions first:What is your budget? How much can you spend on the entire project? You could spend $3,000 on a water fe...
    • 6.

      Discover What Colors Suit your Dwelling

      by Arthur Prudent - 2007-02-05
      Usage of colour gives the designer a huge range of possibilities to implement his creative fantasy. Whatever is the size of your flat, it can be visually increased with the help of colour setting. All...
    • 7.

      At Last Your Building Work Has Started

      by Adrian Kinley - 2007-02-09
      If your job is structural you will be getting regular visits from your local building control department. Although they are not too concerned with the quality of work, they do make sure the builder fo...
    • 8.

      Homeowners are so wary of shady contractors that their building plans are on hold until accreditatio

      by Mark - 2007-03-02
      The launch of the Master Contractors Accreditation Bureau (MCAB) at the end of November last year elicited more than 500 requests from consumers desperate to secure the services of credible, reliab...
    • 9.

      Home Improvement Building Contract - Written Or Verbal?

      by Adrian Kinley - 2007-04-10
      When your builder agrees to carry out your work and you agree to his price you have both entered a verbal contract because the law assumes you both had intentions to create legal relations. As long as...
    • 10.

      Customer Relation Techniques For Small Builders And Contractors In The UK

      by Adrian Kinley - 2007-04-13
      Complaints registered with the Trading Standards Office about cowboy builders increased to 106,000 way back in 2002 and has increased at 5% a year ever since. Correcting botched work costs British hom...