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    • 1.

      How to Choose a Mate for Your Dog

      by Alan King - 2007-02-03
      Breeding dogs is a huge responsibility and it does take a lot of research and a lot of time and patience if you are to do things properly. To just rush in and breed any two dogs could be disastrous, s...
    • 2.

      Dog Breeders: How to Choose the Right One

      by Richard Livitski - 2007-02-08
      Finding good and reputable dog breeders is absolutely necessary when you are in the market for a new purebred pooch. Unfortunately, new and excited potential dog owners simply do not take time to lear...
    • 3.

      Dog Breeders: 5 Tips On How To Choose The Right One

      by Richard Livitski - 2007-02-10
      When shopping for dog breeders, it's important to remember that they're not all the same. Unfortunately, new and excited potential dog owners simply do not take time to learn information about dog ...
    • 4.

      Feeding Crickets

      by Devin Price - 2007-02-23
      When feeding crickets to your reptiles or other pets there are a few things you nee to do to ensure the best nutritional value. Remember you are what you eat. There is a huge advantage to keeping the ...
    • 5.

      Education Feeding Madagascar Hissing Roaches.

      by Devin Price - 2007-03-06
      There are many opinions out there on what to feed madagascar hissing roaches. I have kept and breed these fascinating creatures for years. I have to admit that my methods of caring for my roaches ...
    • 6.

      Setting Up The African Grey Parrots Environment - Cage, Perches, Care And More

      by Jamie Turner - 2007-04-17
      African Grey Parrots thrive on activity. In the wild they are very social amongst their own species and forage the forest in groups to search for food. They need to run around, climb, chew and play fo...
    • 7.


      by Ailurophile - 2007-06-25
      The largest specie of cat to have ever existed - Liger - is not even a specie at all ~ it is a hybrid ~ a cross between a male lion and a female tiger that is given a scientific denotation of Panthera...
    • 8.

      German Shepherd: The Dog That Could Be Right For You

      by German Shep - 2007-07-21
      German Shepherd: The Dog That Could Be Right for YouFirst bred in Germany in the late nineteenth century, the German shepherd is considered the best liked and useful breed of working dogs in the world...
    • 9.

      When Is It Okay To Breed Your Dog.

      by Ty Brown - 2007-08-27
      Every year hundreds of thousands of dogs are euthanized in the United States. These are shelter dogs. Dogs that ran away from home, dogs that were dropped off at the shelter because their owners didn'...
    • 10.

      Diy Fish Farming Can Be Done In A Man-made Or Natural Pond!

      by Vin DeWolfe - 2008-05-14
      The first consideration for setting up your own fish farm is location. The very best places, by far are remote, natural areas with ready access to fresh water. Ponds can be man-made and dug to specifi...