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    • 1.

      Straight From the Publisher - The Odds Against

      by Colin Ingram - 2006-12-07
      As you probably already know, it has become increasingly hard-in fact, almost impossible-for new authors to have their books published by a major publisher. There are many reasons for this, but foremo...
    • 2.

      New Year's Resolutions for Writers

      by Brent Sampson, CEO of - 2007-01-13
      On-demand publishing helps legions of writers accomplish the second most common New Year's Resolution: publishing a book! It is important to remember that "Getting Published" the right way depends...
    • 3.

      Top 5 Shenanigans of 5 Top Print-on-Demand Publishers

      by Brent Sampson - 2007-01-26
      5) Cosmetic corporate connectionsPublisher B has a new corporate overlord in Amazon, but offers no carriage with Ingram, which means no order availability through many bookstores nor major website lis...
    • 4.

      7 Tips for Book Promotion Media Events

      by Brent Sampson, CEO of - 2007-01-23
      Media events and public appearances can fall into any number of categories and include any number of venues (book stores, radio interviews, television interviews, writing group speeches, presentati...
    • 5.

      Top 5 Shenanigans of 5 Print-on-Demand Publishers

      by Brent Sampson, CEO of - 2007-01-27
      5) Cosmetic corporate connections Publisher B has a new corporate overlord in Amazon, but offers no carriage with Ingram, which means no order availability through many bookstores nor major website...
    • 6.

      Tips For a Successful Meeting With An Agent or Editor

      by Kathryn Lively - 2007-03-07
      This year, as a publisher, I plan to meet with authors from around the country who wish to submit novels for consideration. Annually, hundreds of editors, agents, and publishers do the same thing in s...
    • 7.

      A Bad Literary Agent can be Worse than No Agent at All

      by Dee Power - 2007-03-10
      Types of things to watch out for with agents:* Charging the author a fee up front, to be accepted as a client. Can be called a reading fee, or a monthly "office expenses" charge. The best agents, and ...
    • 8.

      Stupid Rejection Letters From Book Publishers - Volume I

      by Dr. Gary S. Goodman - 2007-03-14
      I'm the best-selling author of 12 books, all with major publishers, and I've written well over 1,000 articles.I just want to say that for the record; to establish my bona fides, and to alert you to th...
    • 9.

      Stupid Rejections From Book Publishers: Q & A With Other Writers

      by Dr. Gary S. Goodman - 2007-03-17
      I received an interesting email from a writer who is being victimized by rejection slips. Below, I'll share it with you, along with my response.I hope it gives you some perspective if you're hoping to...
    • 10.

      Perils and Pitfalls of Publishing - Whom Can The Beginning Author Trust? Part I Publishers

      by Dee Power - 2007-03-27
      Publishers Are Not Exempt From Questionable PracticesKeep These Warning Signs in Mind If the Book Publisher:Charges a fee to read your manuscript. You are providing the product for them to sell. Why...