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    • 1.

      Things to Do in Los Angeles

      by David Terr - 2007-02-09
      Los Angeles is one of the most exciting cities in the United States. It's the second largest in population after New York City. There are plenty of places to go in and around LA, like Hollywood, Bever...
    • 2.

      Family & Parenting Health Research Taking a Bite Out of Childhood Malocclusions

      by ALI HUSAYNI - 2007-06-14
      June 04, 2007, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills - Roughly 90 percent of school-aged children have some degree of malocclusion, or a "bad bite." This misalignment of the upper and lower teeth may be s...
    • 3.

      Hollywood Sign - the Symbol of Hollywood City and Cinema

      by Naveen Marasinghe - 2008-07-30
       Fifteen meter high nine white letters that spell out the area name "Hollywood Sign" was built in 1923 as an advertisement and now it is preserved by the Hollywood Sign Trust and its main purpose is...
    • 4.

      Flat Feet and Foot Pain is Common and Painful, but Can be Treated

      by Dave Stringham - 2008-08-27
      About 20 percent of adults have flat feet. Flat feet don't cause disabilities or other problems as long as the foot is supple and the heel cord, or Achilles tendon, isn't tight. This is called flexib...
    • 5.

      Bone Spurs, Bunions, Corns, and Calluses Information and Treatments

      by Dave Stringham - 2008-08-27
      Foot conditions and injuries can be difficult and painful. However, treatments are available to increase the speed of healing and recovery.BONE SPURA bone spur is a prominence of the bone that can o...
    • 6.

      Large Ears Can be Reduced With Otoplasty

      by Dave Stringham - 2008-09-03
      Ear surgery, or otoplasty, is usually done to set prominent ears back closer to the head or to reduce the size of large ears.For the most part, the operation is done on children between the ages of f...
    • 7.

      Health, Wide awake liposuction

      by PAYMAN SIMONI - 2008-09-03
      Vaser Me Softly Wide Aware Liposuction Makes a Perfect Ultra SOUND Entertainment Tonight recently aired an unbelievable segment depicting wide awake liposuction. In the segment, Dr. Payman ...
    • 8.

      Supplement Exercise and Working Out With Pectoral Implants

      by Dave Stringham - 2008-09-23
      Pectoral implants, most frequently selected for use by men, are becoming an ever more popular choice to increase the appearance of chest muscles. Many candidates have tried through diet and exercise ...
    • 9.

      Consider a Body Lift to Increase the Shape and Proportions of Your Entire Body

      by Dave Stringham - 2008-09-23
      A body lift is similar to a facelift, except it involves the center of the body. Specifically, a body lift is the surgical contouring of arms, thighs, abdomen and breasts to remove excessive, hanging...
    • 10.

      Lip Augmentations Can Help You Have Fuller Lips With the Perfect Pout

      by Dave Stringham - 2008-09-23
      Open any magazine and you will see that most celebrities have full, sexy lips. This is no coincidence. Even celebrities that naturally have thinner lips may undergo lip augmentation in order to incre...