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    • 11.

      Professional Bartending As A Career Move

      by MIKE SELVON - 2008-06-12
      If you're looking for an exciting career with great opportunities, then professional bartending may be a good career choice for you. Before choosing that career, however, you'll need to decide whether...
    • 12.

      The Bar Comes In Different Variety To Suit Everyone's Flair

      by Michael Selvon - 2008-06-16
      While the bar scene is popular with many different people, not all bars are the same. Of course, in any bar you are guaranteed the option of buying a few drinks, yet you can also find numerous types o...
    • 13.

      The Bartender Has Many Responsibilities

      by MIKE SELVON - 2008-06-18
      There is more to tending a bar than meets the eye. A lot of people might think that it is an easy job, but it is quite the opposite, as a bartender has many different duties and responsibilities. Ther...
    • 14.

      What You Should Know About The Bartenders

      by Michael Selvon - 2008-06-19
      Barkeeps are as old as pubs and taverns. In olden days, they worked under a different name, but they still had the same job. Today, the bartenders reflect the image of the establishments in which they...
    • 15.

      An Introduction to Bartending

      by Nicholas Tan - 2008-10-11
      Setting up your own bar is actually quite easy to do.  There are however, a few things that good bartenders need to know to run a bar efficiently.  In order for a bar to succeed, you'll need to hav...