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  • barack obama

    • 1.

      Barack Obama: A Different Kind of Politics

      by Warren Cooley - 2007-01-17
      These are initial impressions and they open the argument that I should do more research to find out more about Senator Obama. But a closer look would distort my intention. The value in a first impre...
    • 2.

      Barack Obama says American Alcohoilism is the Cause of Iraq War

      by Karen Fish - 2007-02-06
      According to Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, American Alcohoilism is the root cause of the Iraq War, soon to be the Iran War. The immense, gluttonous, ridiculous over consumpti...
    • 3.

      Liberals - Real Life Underpants Gnomes

      by J.J. Jackson - 2007-03-04
      Liberals know what they want to do and they know where they want to take the rest of us. The problem is that they just don't have any idea exactly how what they want to do is useful in getting us ther...
    • 4.

      Christian Current Affairs Spiritual Rick Warren's Whole Bird - Why This Bird Can't Fly

      by MICHAEL BRESCIANI - 2007-04-07
      When Faith and Family's Dr. Richard Land was my pastor over thirty years ago he once described his calling to preach the gospel. He said that the call to preach the gospel was a higher calling tha...
    • 5.

      Rick Warren's Whole Bird - Why This Bird Can't Fly

      by Rev. Michael Bresciani - 2007-04-11
      Like Dr. Richard Land I have also seen the importance of becoming involved with the democratic process on every level. It is not as important as the call to the gospel but it is folly to ignore politi...
    • 6.

      Success Lesson From The American Idol

      by Momodou Sabally - 2007-04-16
      It was a bright spring morning in the city that has earned the name Hotlanta. I sauntered out of my Doraville apartment to downtown Atlanta to join the throng of faithfuls awaiting the arrival the Ame...
    • 7.

      Government Republicans for Obama

      by AMIT THARD - 2007-05-18
      The Iraq war, immigration bill, social security, health care, oil prices etc. etc. This is a list of issues the republicans will try to avoid in upcoming presidential debates over the next year. T...
    • 8.

      On Politics: News Writers Are Really Political Hacks - Part 2

      by Ed Bagley - 2007-06-02
      Copyright 2007 Ed BagleyWhen reading Charles Krauthammer, I am reminded that Henry Ford said "the hardest thing to do in the world is to think, and that is why people do so little of it." This is es...
    • 9.

      President Searching With a Fine Tooth Comb

      by Ajeet Khurana - 2007-06-07
      With the race for the President's post heating up, the question on everybody's mind is "Who will be the next President of the United States?" And this is not merely a question that remains limited to ...
    • 10.

      Logo Sponsored Presidential Hopefuls Debate - Prepping a Minority or Pandering

      by Rev Michael Bresciani - 2007-08-14
      That idea that Christians hate homosexuals is wrong, New Testament taught Christians hate no one and so is the idea that bible reading believers don't reside in the twenty first century.Six of t...