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    • 11.

      Health, Home Remedies for Backache, Lower Back Pain

      by DR JOHN ANNE - 2008-09-03
      Back pain is a kind of pain that is felt in the area of back region and it is usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones and joints in the spine. 90% of Americans are affected by the back ...
    • 12.

      Purification Therapy in Ayurveda

      by Dr Savitha Suri - 2008-10-16
      Purification Therapy In Ayurveda Panchakarma involves 5 types of detoxification methods. They are 1. vamana 2. Virechana 3. Anuvasana basthi 4. Niruha basthi 5. Nasya karma Vamana Vamana means expell...
    • 13.

      A Closer Look At Back Pain

      by Audrey Jenna - 2009-04-29
      Back pain appears to be a super disease, which affects the lives of people who are mainly aged 40 and above. Sometimes there is severe back pain and the next minute it is gone, even without doing anyt...
    • 14.

      Solutions For Soothing Back Pain

      by Samuel Paquette - 2009-07-30
      Back pain can literally take over your whole life. It drains all your energy and makes your life a utter nightmare.Of all pains existing, back pain seems to be the worst. The reason is probably becaus...
    • 15.

      Reduce Or Eliminate Your Fibromyalgia Fibrositis And Back Pain Now!

      by Josephsmum - 2009-11-04
      There is much speculation about fibromyalgia, with some doctors refusing to acknowledge this painful condition, it can often prove difficult for sufferers to get adequate treatment from their GP or ph...
    • 16.

      Using Aromatherapy To Relieve Fibromyalgia Fibrositis

      by Josephsmum - 2009-11-05
      The use of pure essential oils from plants has been around hundreds of years, and the health-promoting essences are commonly used for treating and relieving many conditions.Although the label of 'Arom...
    • 17.

      The Best Exercises To Relieve Back Pain, Lumbago And Sciatica

      by mmnewbold - 2009-11-19
      There are exercises for back pain that concentrate on adding more strength to the muscles that work to arch the spine. The sudden injury from lifting or twisting is actually a result of ligament tears...
    • 18.

      How To Deal With Your Back And Neck Pain

      by mmnewbold - 2009-11-20
      As we age, back and neck pain becomes far more common. The condition affects not only the physical health of these individuals but also their social and economic well-being. Back and neck pain can dis...