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  • austin texas realtor

    • 1.

      Downtown Austin Condos Help Austin Grow Up Fast

      by Eric Bramlett - 2007-02-21
      A friend of mine joked the other day that Austin should adopt its own state bird, because "I've never seen so many cranes in town." He was right; a look at Austin's skyline includes at least ten to t...
    • 2.

      Should You Join a Real Estate Club? Six Questions To Ask Yourself

      by Eric Bramlett - 2007-04-08
      A real estate club is simply a group for anyone interested in buying or selling real estate. Most clubs are geared towards brokers, investors, or other professionals, although there are certainly grou...
    • 3.

      Tips for Selecting a Great Real Estate Contractor

      by Ericbramlett - 2007-11-07
      "When you decide to build a home rather than to buy a home or when you make the decision to remodel the home that you already have, you most likely intend to get the job done with the help of co...
    • 4.

      Helping You Design Your Own Dream Home - Centex Homes

      by Joe Cline - 2008-04-17
      Yes, there are many subdivisions out there that can offer you ready-made homes, like an out-of-the-box Barbie dream house. However, you want your Austin real estate to be different; you want it to "sp...
    • 5.

      Staying Informed with the Help of a Realtor

      by Eric Bramlett - 2008-04-28
      As you begin your house hunting process, you will probably already have a good idea of what type of home you are looking for. For example, you might know the size and style of the home you want to pu...
    • 6.

      Home Builder in Texas That is Within Budget

      by Joe Cline - 2008-04-29
      Magazines about homes and gardens and on lifestyle network, the main feature for every issue are the beautiful homes of the rich and famous. You want your Texas home to be built as elegantly and as be...
    • 7.

      Do You Really Want a Mortgage at Retirement Age: it Can be a Bad Idea

      by Joe Cline - 2008-08-11
      When you've reached retirement age and are ready to kick back and take life easy, it's not a good move to put yourself in the stressful position of having to pay a mortgage. Whether it's for a new ho...
    • 8.

      The History of 6 Street

      by Joe Cline - 2008-11-01
      In every city there is one street that cannot be missed. It is the place to shop, the place to eat, the place to be and the place to be seen. It has everything from chic art galleries to popular bars...
    • 9.

      Drive Wise and Ease Your Pain at the Pump

      by Joe Cline - 2008-11-09
      The evening news always finds a way to ruin your appetite. Skyrocketing fuel prices don't help any to alleviate the discomfort. If you are just about at your wits' end trying to fit your gasoline exp...
    • 10.

      Is A Ventless Fireplace Right For You?

      by Joe Cline - 2010-04-08
      The ventless fireplace is an economical approach to hearth heating and ambience and they are adaptable to almost any room. With no chimney or flue to install, the ventless fireplace adds a warmth and ...