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    • 1.

      Best Movements for Strength Muscle

      by prabakar - 2008-07-16
      Normal 0 One of the best movements to strengthen the biceps muscle is the bicep curl. It's a classic because of the way it builds the muscle without a complicated movement. Begin by holding the ...
    • 2.

      Great Attractions of Exercises

      by prabakar - 2008-07-18
      Normal 0 One of the great attractions of exercises is that they require little equipment and so are much easier to work out than other areas of the body, such as the legs, back, or chest. While ...
    • 3.

      Body Fitness Programs

      by prabakar - 2008-07-19
      Normal 0 In the beginning, your fitness program should not be overly aggressive. One of the biggest problems people encounter when starting a fitness program is rapidly depleted motivation after...
    • 4.

      Body Weight Exercises

      by prabakar - 2008-07-21
      Normal 0 Bodyweight exercises have taken center stage as I attempt to train up a faltering structure; most of the corrective exercise experts remind us not to try to add strength to dysfunction,...
    • 5.

      Tips of Good Exercises

      by prabakar - 2008-07-22
      Normal 0 Summer means spending time with friends and families, barbeques, and the beach. What better way to look great in that new swimsuit than by getting in some simple and effective abdominal...
    • 6.

      Meditation of Yoga

      by prabakar - 2008-07-24
      Normal 0 Kundalini Yoga is the original and most powerful of the twenty-two schools of yoga, all of which are beneficial. The Yoga Sutras (writings) say that what you can achieve in 12 years of ...
    • 7.

      Best Workouts for Your Health

      by prabakar - 2008-07-25
      Normal 0 Workouts For You custom designs each program based on individual needs, lifestyle and goals to ensure that each client is working out using exercises that are most efficient for them. O...
    • 8.

      Different Type of Exercises

      by prabakar - 2008-07-26
      Normal 0 People who suffer from sciatica will often feel pain in their leg which can travel from the back of their thigh up to the thigh and in some cases up to the hip or down towards the foot....
    • 9.

      Exercise Fitness Workouts

      by prabakar - 2008-07-28
      Normal 0 Here are my preliminary observations. First, my workout went incredibly fast because I didn't have to stop and change weight plates between exercises. Other than moving the bars, there ...
    • 10.

      Quality of Exercise

      by prabakar - 2008-08-02
      Normal 0 The quality of exercise on this product is superb. The use of the power rods for resistance gives this machine a different feel from traditional weight stack multi-gym products. Tension...