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    • 11.

      Benefits of Best Exercises

      by prabakar - 2008-08-02
      Normal 0 You have decided that you want to be fit and healthy but at a loss as to which exercise program will benefit you best. Before you decide to select or design a beneficial exercise progra...
    • 12.

      Strengthening Exercises

      by prabakar - 2008-08-06
      Normal 0 There are four major types of exercise that make up all comprehensive exercise programs, regardless of the level of participation. Each can have a positive effect on reducing arthritis-...
    • 13.

      Overall Fitness Exercises

      by prabakar - 2008-08-14
      Normal 0 Your exercise program should include something from each of the four basic fitness components described previously. Each workout should begin with a warmup and end with a cooldown. As a...
    • 14.

      Exercise for Youngsters

      by prabakar - 2008-08-21
      Normal 0 Scientific studies show that staying physically active and exercising regularly can help prevent or delay many diseases and disabilities. Scientists find that even moderate exercise and...
    • 15.

      Many Types of Exercises

      by prabakar - 2008-08-22
      There are many types of exercises which help in making body vigorous. But the five top most exercises which bring the body in shape are well renowned among the people. These exercises not only develo...
    • 16.

      Flexibility Speed and Warmup to Strength Training Studies

      by m.jeya - 2008-09-23
        Warming up helps reduce the chance of injury and wear and tear on your joints too. The purpose of the warm-up is to signal the body that you're going to perform an activity and to pump the oxygen-...
    • 17.

      Butt Buster Exercise and Basic Training Programs and Downloadable Format

      by m.jeya - 2008-10-10
      The Butt Buster is easy to use and readily available in many locations. It can be used by multiple people simultaneously, which makes it easier to appreciate butt humor. It is necessary to train your...
    • 18.

      Fitness Training Spin to Slim Your Legs

      by m.jeya - 2008-10-22
      Spinning is an enjoyable, strong fitness activity is offering many health enthusiasts an ultimate calorie & fat burner regime as compared to other aerobic exercises. Spinning is an unique form of...
    • 19.

      Body Building and Weight Loss Exercise Tips

      by m.jeya - 2008-10-31
      Health body is like a safeguard that protect your body and mind from the minor and major diseases and problem occurs in normal or weak body. Doing regular exercise is very helpful for your body and ...