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    • 1.

      Are Germs and Viruses the Real Cause of Disease?

      by Ron Garner - 2006-11-29
      There is a universal belief that germs and viruses are the cause of disease; but this is not true. Louis Pasteur, for whom the pasteurization process is named, first put forward the idea that germs fr...
    • 2.

      Powerful Antibiotics Can Be an Overkill

      by Tim Napper - 2006-12-05
      The literal definition of antibiotics is anti-life, and they effectively do what they were designed to do: destroy pathogenic life, which they do very well. The problem is, they don't stop by eliminat...
    • 3.

      Recover from Candida by Taking this Oil?

      by John Goh - 2006-12-08
      Candida or candidiasis is an infection by Candida Albican - Albicans, a type of yeast. Moderate amounts of candida live in every one of us without causing any harm. But when given free rein to grow un...
    • 4.

      Theories upon the Role of Colloidal Silver

      by Peter Salazar - 2006-12-27
      Colloidal silver - an antibiotic, a supplement, an effective medicine with a long history. Colloidal silver has proved to be all the above and, furthermore, it is gaining more users and more specialis...
    • 5.

      Alternatives to Antibiotics in Treatment of Lyme Disease

      by Suzanne Arthur - 2006-12-28
      "There is a reason so many Lyme sufferers seek out alternative treatments. It is not because they are insane, uneducated, overly hysterical, stupid, or gullible. It is because they are ill, they know ...
    • 6.

      Does it Matter What you Eat While you are Taking Medicine?

      by Yulia Berry - 2007-01-21
      The efficiency of some medicine really depends on what you eat and drink. Some foods can counteract medicine. Of course, you should always consult your doctor. I just suggest a few common sense guidel...
    • 7.

      Yeast Infections and Antibiotics

      by Jonni Good - 2007-01-24
      A leading cause of a yeast infection is the use of antibiotics. These drugs kill off bacteria that usually keep the yeast in check. The yeast population can then grow too quickly for your immune syste...
    • 8.

      Godcience-science is Above Everything

      by Dr. Charles Sabillon - 2007-01-26
      Most scientists tend to toil for long decades on their field of knowledge without seeing much progress in what they intend to discover. That usually leads to frustration and induces them to see limita...
    • 9.

      Pet Ear Infections

      by Deena Caruso - 2007-02-05
      Is your dog or cat tormented by ear infections? Do you spend time and money at the veterinarian's office trying to bring relief to your beloved pet, only to find that another infection appears ove...
    • 10.

      How to Cure a Sore Throat -The Natural Way

      by Paul Morris - 2007-02-07
      You've worked hard on your technique, delivered a killer audition, and finally (finally!) landed that solo in choir, that leading role in the musical, or that job as lead singer in a local band. You'...