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    • 1.

      Does God Heal?

      by Annagail Lynes - 2007-09-21
      Do you believe by praying to God, some minor psychological disorders can be cured?Yes, I do, but most importantly, why do I believe it?I believe not only in the power of prayer but also in God's...
    • 2.

      Is It Okay To Tease Others?

      by Annagail Lynes - 2007-10-02
      What does the Bible say about laughing at people and criticizing others?We are to treat others as we would like to be treated (Matthew 7:12). How many of us would like to be laugh at and criti...
    • 3.

      Is It Okay To Celebrate Halloween?

      by Annagail Lynes - 2007-10-30
      Is it okay to trick or treat? Is it okay to celebrate Halloween? I grew up in a family that sent me mixed messages. I went trick or treating as a child. In fact my Mom tells a story about how my Dad a...
    • 4.

      One True Version Of The Bible?

      by Annagail Lynes - 2007-10-21
      Why do people believe the King James Version is the only true version of the Bible? The Bible was written on scrolls many centuries before King James had the 1611 King James Version of the Bibl...
    • 5.

      Does Everyone Who Doesn't Believe In Jesus Go To Hell?

      by Annagail Lynes - 2007-11-02
      Does everyone who doesn't believe in Jesus go to Hell? Yes, but let me explain why.Because when the world was created God put a man and woman in the Garden of Eden. He told them not to eat of ...
    • 6.

      How Should We Deal With Depression?

      by Annagail Lynes - 2007-11-15
      If a person is depressed, is he just supposed to let Jesus fight this battle?What is depression? The act of being depressed, which Webster's Dictionary defines as being pressed down, dejected, ...
    • 7.

      What Is The Purpose For Your Life?

      by Annagail Lynes - 2007-12-04
      For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. - Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV).Question: What is my purpose?Answer: God...
    • 8.

      Does God Hold Our Sins Against Us?

      by Annagail Lynes - 2007-11-28
      Does God hold our sins against us?As children, we are told that if we do anything wrong--tell a lie, steal, be disrespectful in church--God sees us. And He does. However we are also given the ...
    • 9.

      Can Christians Divorce?

      by Annagail Lynes - 2007-12-20
      Question: What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage?Answer: This question is prevalent in light of the recent wave of high profile Christian couples announcing the end of their m...
    • 10.

      Should We Take The Bible Literally?

      by Annagail Lynes - 2008-06-24
      The Bible is a tapestry of God-inspired stories, parables and thoughts that can be taken literally. To those who do not have the Holy Spirit living inside them, though, this can be confusing. If we do...