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    • 11.

      The Devil In The Details: The Heavenly Benefits Of Specialty In Writing

      by Linda Abraham - 2007-05-21
      You can argue about the devil, but certainly the substance, distinctiveness, and success of your essays depends on the details. Many applicants tend to bury their uniqueness and success under vague as...
    • 12.

      Personal Statement Tip: History Vs. Memory

      by Linda Abraham - 2007-06-14
      Over the weekend I went to a talk focused on the difference between history and memory. The two are clearly related, but not the same. History is what you read in an encyclopedia or newspaper timeline...
    • 13.

      The Resume Concision Check

      by Linda Abraham - 2007-06-14
      If you're accomplished enough to be applying to the top business schools, you probably have more than enough impressive material to fill a one-page resume. To use that limited space as efficiently as ...
    • 14.

      Getting Into College Without The Sat

      by Lynn OShaughnessy - 2008-06-15
      We all know teenagers who don't test well.There are all sorts of legitimate reasons why some students, even bright ones, can't earn decent numbers on the dreaded SAT test.It used to be that parents an...
    • 15.

      How to Make College Admissions Easier

      by Tom Tessin - 2008-11-12
      Apply to about 6 to 7 colleges, minimum.One of things that we found is it generally does nothing to apply few colleges, which you do not get, acknowledged anywhere before admitted to 1 or 2. You do n...
    • 16.

      10 Tips To Write A Better College Entrance Essay

      by Nick Sanders - 2008-12-12
      A brilliant college entrance essay will present a vivid, personal and compelling view of yourself to the admissions committee. It will round out the rest of your application and help you stand out fro...
    • 17.

      7 Tips On Choosing A Uk University

      by Nick Sanders - 2008-12-12
      Choosing your university is a very big decision, and one that will impact your life for many years after you finish. There are a lot of deciding factors that should be involved when you are picking th...
    • 18.

      5 Tips On Choosing An American College Or University

      by Nick Sanders - 2008-12-12
      After successful completion of your school life, your next aim is to successfully get admission into a reputable College or University. Even after completion of your Bachelor degree, the aim is the sa...