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    • 1.

      Acomplia Sanofi: Re-defining your Body Shape

      by Jack White - 2006-11-30
      Pondering over weight loss? With obesity spreading far and wide, entrapping young and old alike in its ambit, it is important to find a solution to this health hazard. Weight loss pills which have mad...
    • 2.

      Acomplia: The Fat Reducer and Obesity Remover

      by Jack White - 2006-11-30
      Obesity management is the technique of burning extra fat which is accumulated beneath your skin. Your body itself can burn accumulated fat, unfortunately, it does not do so. It is not your entire body...
    • 3.

      Acomplia - Will It or Not

      by Clarence Carter - 2006-12-02
      Acomplia (Rimonabant) is a weight loss drug that is manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis, French pharmaceutical giant. Its active agent is Rimonabant which helps in suppressing appetite. A doctor knows that...
    • 4.

      Acomplia (Rimonabant) Diet Drug: Wiping Out Obesity

      by Jack White - 2006-12-11
      Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy. But what is the bench mark for a healthy life? Stay in shape and embark upon a proper diet is what most of us would say. Whereas busy work schedules, untimely e...
    • 5.

      Acomplia - the Miracle Pill

      by Michelle Bob - 2006-12-13
      Have you ever heard of a miracle drug which can be used both as weight loss diet pills as well as a medicine for smoking cessation?Yes, there is a miracle drug which can be used for both the purposes....
    • 6.

      Oracomplia: Taming Obesity

      by Jack White - 2006-12-18
      What comes to your mind when you think of obesity? Does physical and mental torture come to your mind? Obesity is a dietary disorder which has engulfed many in its trap far and wide. An obese besides ...
    • 7.

      Acomplia trials

      by Patrick Podolak - 2007-01-31
      The Royal Perth Hospital study,as a part of an international trial, is on the way to prove that the new weight-loss pill rimonabant, sold as Acomplia, will help to heal obesity which entails proble...
    • 8.

      Acomplia information

      by Patrick Podolak - 2007-01-31
      It looks like that FDA is not in rush at all. Rimonabant acomplia has been approved for sale in Mexico since Nov. 9th. after couple of EU states /like UK/ this drug finally arrived to America. Thi...
    • 9.

      Acomplia Rimonabant information can help in weight loss

      by Chris - 2007-02-08
      The information about Acomplia diet pills can help in reducing weight. For an obese patient it is necessary to know about diet pills and how it work for weight loss. Now a day everyone wants to get...
    • 10.

      Acomplia Rimnonabant: Weight Loss Made Easy

      by Jack White - 2007-02-14
      What is obesity? Obesity can be understood as a dietary disorder, which can be measured by the means of BMI. BMI or Body Mass Index is a calculated amount of height in proportion to body weight. Obes...