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    • 1.

      Your Stomach Fat is a Hidden Death Trap

      by Mike Geary - 2007-01-13
      Did you know that the vast majority of people in this day and age have excess abdominal fat? The first thing that most people think of is that their extra belly fat is simply ugly, is covering up thei...
    • 2.

      Need Help To Reduce Belly And Abdominal Fat?

      by Guru Bhakt - 2007-03-28
      If you are like most people today who lead a fast paced modern lifestyle, then you eat loads of junk food everyday. Cheeseburgers, pizzas, ice creams and the like. You eat junk foods whenever you want...
    • 3.

      Losing Abdominal Fat - Three Things You Ought To Know Before You Start

      by Eileen Gravelle - 2007-04-19
      It's a sad fact that, as we age, many of us find ourselves carrying an increased amount of abdominal fat. If you want to do something about it - then here's some facts you really ought to know before...
    • 4.

      Help To Reduce Belly and Abdominal Fat

      by Guru Bhakt - 2007-04-20
      If you have a protruding belly and abdomen and really want a flat, firm stomach, then how would you like some help to reduce belly fat and get your tummy back into shape ? If your answer to that quest...
    • 5.

      Do You Know How Abdominal Fat Burners Work?

      by Terry Roberts - 2007-07-20
      Although the term abdominal fat burners is used in many different types of advertisements and weight loss information from marketers and manufacturers, there is really no way for a fat burner or weigh...
    • 6.

      Stubborn Fat Part 5

      by David Grisaffi - 2007-10-07
      The Importance of Exercise In addition to eating the proper anti-estrogenic foods to remove stubborn fat, it goes without saying that a crucial part of any program is exercise. Diet alone is not enoug...
    • 7.

      Stubborn Fat Part 4

      by David Grisaffi - 2007-10-07
      As we have discussed in the 3rd installment of Stubborn Fat we will continue with more information in the series. To improve your results in losing stubborn fat and to reduce estrogenic effects on you...
    • 8.

      Stressed Out With Belly Fat Pt. 1: The Truth About Abdominal Fat

      by Carmellita Brown - 2008-06-18
      It is an ugly word and no one really likes to use it. What's the word? The word is fat. Combine this ugly word with your midsection and you have something to be stressed about. Yes, there is a connect...
    • 9.

      Six Pack Abs Secrets: How to Burn Abdominal Fat

      by Scott Russell - 2008-06-18
      In order to get six pack abs, you have to burn off your abdominal fat -- it really all comes down to this simple fact. Yet many abs training tapes and devices concentrate on toning your abdominal mus...
    • 10.

      Are You Overweight But Do not Have a Diabetes Diagnosis? You are Lucky! Part 2

      by Emilia Klapp, R.D., B.S. - 2008-07-28
      A road to avoidIf patients with pre-diabetes lose between 5 and 7% of their weight and they exercise half an hour every day, five days a week, the risk for developing diabetes type 2 Mellitus can be ...