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    • 1.

      SELF-EMPLOYED BUYERS: The Best Way To Get A Mortgage!

      by Kevin Ramos - 2006-12-01
      Self-employed borrowers present one of the most challenging areas of mortgage underwriting. Qualifying self-employed people often requires time, energy, and patience. A fair and honest qualification...
    • 2.

      HOME BUYERS: How To Achieve The No-Stress Move!

      by Kevin Ramos - 2006-12-01
      Moving into a new home can be one of the most stressful situations that a person can endure, so it is vital that you find ways to make the transition as easy as possible. There are two distinct types...
    • 3.

      HOME BUYERS: Want To Know What A BUYER'S Agent Is?

      by Kevin Ramos - 2006-12-01
      A real estate buyer's agent represents the consumer who is purchasing a property in the transaction. This agent owes full responsibility and loyalty to the homebuyer. He or she has solely the buyer'...
    • 4.

      Home Buyers: After The Contract Is Signed, The Next Steps

      by Kevin Ramos - 2006-12-01
      You've signed the contract and are looking forward to moving into your new home, but there are a few steps that cannot be overlooked. By following these easy steps, you will ensure yourself a smooth ...
    • 5.

      Home Buyers: Benefits Of Owning Your Own Home

      by Kevin Ramos - 2006-12-02
      There are many financial and personal reasons why you should own your own home rather than rent. The obvious reasons include pride of ownership, building your own equity instead of someone else's, no ...
    • 6.

      Capital Gains Deferral Strategies Gives Real Estate Investors The Freedom Of Choice

      by Christine Harrell - 2007-02-02
      While the 1031 deferred exchange is a viable means for some real estate owners and investors, many are finding the stringent requirements and the lack of quality properties a barrier to successful com...
    • 7.

      Types and Features of 1031 Reverse Exchanges

      by Reggie Andersen - 2007-04-28
      A reverse exchange occurs when the taxpayer intends to make a like-kind exchange but, for some reason, acquires the replacement property before selling the relinquished property. The taxpayer may fear...
    • 8.

      How to Pay Less Tax on the Sale of Real Estate!

      by James Montgomery - 2007-05-09
      "It's not how much you make that counts," my father told me many years ago, "but how much you keep of what you make." I did not really understand that old adage at the time, but he was passing on some...
    • 9.

      Tax Advantages of Investing in Real Estate

      by Barry Waxler - 2007-05-22
      As we all know, taxes are something that have to be taken into account in any investment strategy. Real estate is no different, but there are some advantages to investing in property. The stock ...
    • 10.

      What is a Tax-Deferred Exchange?

      by Raynor James - 2007-06-25
      It is nice to make a lot of money on an investment such as real estate. However, if you do not know about the opportunity for a tax-deferred exchange, you might end up giving a lot of your profi...