Soccer Training Drills: How To Make The Ball Do What Players Want

by Andre Botelho - Date: 2007-02-10 - Word Count: 355 Share This!

When it comes to soccer training drills, it is very important for the coach to teach the players about how to make the ball do what the players want. Yes, that is possible, but through extensive training and only an expert coach can help the team achieve this impressive skill.

Go In A Cycle

The coaches should teach the players to go in a cycle. This means left and then right foot, then right thigh and then left thigh, and then hitting the ball up to their head and back down to their right foot and then left and so on.

You can teach them how to make various cycles. They can do so by choosing where the ball goes, and not just keeping the ball up in the air, but manipulating the ball on their terms.

The expert coach makes his team learn that it does not really matter much that how many times the players can juggle. What really matters is whether the players are capable enough to make the ball go where you want it.

Manipulating The Ball Even More

Once the players are well versed with the above step, the coaches can teach them the advance steps, such as manipulating the ball even more. In this step, the players are supposed to aim for kicking the ball away from them to the right.

After that, they should kick the ball away from them to the left. They should be able to do so at a slight angle in the air, almost as they are faking going to the right and then the left but all in the air.

Here, the training of the coaches will be on test because the players need to lean their body to the side in which they are kicking the ball.

Once, you see significant improvement in the team regarding the above two steps, you can go ahead and teach the players how to try walking and juggling with the ball.

Soccer training drills is not an easy cake, but when you keep certain things as discussed above in mind during the training session, you can make things easier.

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