Breakfast of Sales Champions

by Tom Richard - Date: 2006-12-03 - Word Count: 626 Share This!

Not many of us are willing to stand onto the bathroom scale the morning after a Thanksgiving feast. This year I was brave. I stepped onto the bad news oracle, wondering if I would regret seeing those unambiguous numerals.

When the numbers stopped flashing, I stared at the scale in horror. I shook my head as yesterday's menu replayed in my mind.

My morning plans were quickly changed. Instead of grabbing the newspaper and a cup of coffee, I grabbed my running shoes, a sweatshirt, and my iPod. It was time to run off my aunt's famous Oreo Pie.

During my jog, I started to feel better. The cool air filled my lungs, the endorphins rushed through my legs, and the beat of my favorite song made me smile. Smiling made me realize how glad I was that I had stepped on the scale. If I hadn't, I would have been home maybe eating leftovers and making matters worse. Thanks to the scale, and the obese digits it displayed, I was jogging and already feeling better.

Regardless of how painful the truth can be, having accurate information gives you the control to make smart decisions and take smart actions. Seeing the truth face to face can light a spark in you to make an immediate change for the better.

The hardest part about the truth is having the courage to actively seek it. Getting accurate information about your sales numbers every morning is one quick step you can take to boost your sales for the month. While most people know this, they are still guilty of avoiding their sales numbers, or at least, not keeping them on the top of their mind at all times.

Every salesperson has heard the phrase, "It's just a numbers game," yet few truly understand what it means to them personally. Success in sales starts with ownership of your numbers. You need to own your numbers instead of simply accepting them when they are handed down to you.

Your numbers start with the number of sales you make, but your focus should continue down to those numbers which precede the sale. This includes the number of phone calls you've made, the number of appointments you've had, and the number of hand-written cards you've sent to customers and prospects.

Regardless of what you think you know about your current numbers, get them in front of your face every morning like a hearty breakfast. When you start your morning off right, you will be equipped to make decisions and take actions towards hitting your numbers the rest of the day.

After having your breakfast of champions, your next task is to clearly articulate where you need to be with you numbers. Are you ahead of schedule or behind? How far ahead or behind? Quantify the difference between where you are at and where you need to be. Without knowing exactly where you need to be, you have no hope of getting there.

The final step is figuring out how you will get there. Knowing your numbers accurately will help you make the plan for your goal. If the number of appointments you need is more than the number you've made, your next step should be to make more appointments. If you have not made as many phone calls as you planned on by this time of the month, then you need to start with the phone calls. The same practice is true for any of your own personal sales metrics.

Without a mastery of your own personal numbers, you will find yourself at the end of the month wringing your hands and wondering what happened. Start your day off with a big truthful bowl of numbers and you will find yourself taking immediate actions to improve sales and bring a smile to your face.

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