Automotive Cruising and Remembering Motorcycle Diaries

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Cruising and Remembering Motorcycle Diaries

Talk to a motorcycle enthusiast and ask him or her about Motorcycle Diaries. They will definitely know what you are talking about.

Motorcycle Diaries is an old film that depicts the life of two people who travelled in their motorcycles as changes take place and modify their lives.

The movie can actually be viewed in various aspects.

1.The Motorcycle Diaries can be seen in a political point of view for depicting the early journey of the life of the famouse Che Guevara.

2.It can also be seen as a metaphor for explaining the various realities confronted in the lives of people now. It depicts changes and coping with the changes.

This is what happened to the two friends who ended up parting ways as their values changed and contradicted one another.

3.Motorcycle Diaries can be best seen too in the eyes of a motorcycle enthusiast as it depicts the relative freedom enjoyed by the two characters as they travel on their bikes.

There is also a substantial depiction of how people in that community have relied on the use of ordinary motorcycles, but have ignored the safety precautions needed.

Safety Precautions for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

The article may very well focus now on the need of safety measures when riding in a motorcycle.

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Definitely, the degree of freedom that a motorcycle gives must also entail a considerable degree of responsibility.

1.Wear Helmet

Wearing a helmet is the primary consideration not only for the driver but for the passenger also.

You can't risk the chance of colliding to anotherand suffering any head injuries.

If there is a law prescribing for such behavior, it must be followed. People must be properly educated also to follow such regulations.

2.Refrain from Overloading

People can ask to ride with the owner. However, you shouldn't sacrifice the safety of anyone.

Overloading can give the driver more difficulty in controlling and maneuvering.

As such, refrain from doing so to ensure the safety for everyone.

3.Wear Safety Accessories

If you are concerned for your overall safety, there are other accessories that will ensure a more comfortable ride without having to worry.

Safety accessories such as padding will ensure that even if an accident happens, the limbs will be properly protected.

Sunglasses too are important as they keep the eyes protected from the dirt and the sun as you speed down the road.


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Motorcycle Diaries is more than just fiction. It is a movie that affects people in different levels of their existence. It particularly calls to the motorcycle enthusiasts out there to take responsibility in their actions as they enjoy their freedom in riding.

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