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Lighting can make or break a home or a room. Designers use lighting to add drama to a space, provide for work surfaces, highlight style features or combine lighting with fixtures such as a chandelier to make a glimmering statement. Understanding how to use lighting effectively can increase the curb appeal, resale value and the marketability of a home.

Lighting types. General lighting provides illumination for safety and security purposes. Task lighting is used for cooking, reading, hobbies where shadows are eliminated. Accent lighting is used to focus attention on architectural features or a favorite painting or other object. Decorative lighting is used in table lamps, wall sconces or pendants hanging over a kitchen island.

Lighting uses. Wall washing can create a back drop effect by pointing a wide beam of light at a wall. Wall grazing is good for popping textured wall surfaces like natural fabrics, stone, brick or etched concrete. Down is one of the most common uses of lighting, where the light is originating from a hanging fixture or track. Uplighting can add drama to indoor plants or dark corners by placing a free-standing light can.

Lighting controls. Switches are the most common, but they can't control the amount of light. Dimmers can allow the light level to be raised or lowered and are offered in simple or digital models.

Lighting fixtures. Ceiling fixtures feature glass or plastic diffusers, which can be flush mounted or hang from the ceiling. Ceiling fans can offer the combination of ventilation and lighting. Strip lights are used as under-cabinet lighting in kitchens, over vanities in bathrooms and on stairways inside and out. Recessed lighting are decorative flush-with-ceiling cans that offer down, accent or wall washing. Scones can down light or up light walls and stairwells.

Lighting tip. Lighter wall colors reflect more light, darker paints and finishes absorb up to four times more light and are not as energy efficient.

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