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The most interesting fact about security systems is that the majority of the systems are installed after a security breach. If a security system had been in place the brake never would have occurred. Owning and operating a security system is like having proactive insurance because you are taking an active part in protecting your property. The costs of security systems have to be weighed against the costs of your property. Insurance companies will most likely replace a stolen computer if it covered in your policy but they can not replace the stolen pictures, data or files. In addition security systems prevent your valuable information from reaching the hands of thieves at a time when identity fraud is major concern.

security systems Installation
In order for security systems to be most effective, they should appear inconspicuous. This means camouflaging it into the construction and design of a home, a task that involves the expertise of both your homebuilder and the installer of the security system.

Every door and window on the ground floor of the home should be rigged with a magnetic contact. If the door and window frames are wooden, these contacts can most likely be drilled into the woodwork to render them invisible. It is also worth considering securing all bedroom windows on the upper levels of the house.
Let your builder know what type of interior motion sensors you want for your security systems. That way, he can choose a paint color to match the sensor. Exterior motion sensors can be rendered less conspicuous through smart placement and design of the building's architectural details. A junction box that resembles an intercom, when recessed into the wall adjacent to the front door, for example, can house a small motion detector and/or camera.
The most common areas for surveillance cameras are the foyer, the front entrance, and the back entrance. Make sure your builder and landscaper know where you plan to place security systems, as windows and trees can interfere with picture-taking and sensor reading abilities

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