Security Systems Most Asked Questions

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For those people considering installing a security system these are the top questions that you need answered before making a purchase.

Q: Are security systems unbeatable?
A: No system is - or ever will be - 100% unbeatable. Every security system ever designed can be breached, with more or less efforts, difficulties, know how, equipment and, most important, time.

Given unlimited time, any number of attempts, any type and kind of equipment, thorough know-how of the security system and ideal working conditions, ways can be found to fool ANY system. However, under normal operative conditions, where the intruder does NOT posses all the know-how about the system, does NOT have an unlimited supply of equipment, is under time pressure, and, most important, is not given a second chance once he has set-off an alarm (silent!) - under these conditions a security system offers the best intrusion detection capability.
Q: Is a remote monitoring security system my best source of security?
A: For some people. An additional benefit to having a live monitoring security system is that the security system providers will keep their eyes on your property for you. Options include having an audible alarm sound based on certain events, some security systems may incorporate cameras. Even so, many people like to remain the masters of their domain. For these, there are many ways you can keep your own tabs, including monitoring through the Internet and receiving pages, emails and more.
Q: What will a wireless security system get me?
A: What exactly do you want? It really depends on what you are ready to spend. For under $100, you can get a bunch of door and window sensors that trigger lights in the event of a break-in. If you're willing to put a little more money into it, you can have a full fleet of security cameras with Web access and alerts.

Q: How can lighting be used as a deterrent in a security system?
A: Lighting can be your first step in a security system, and it's very easy to incorporate into any home or business, regardless of size or existing equipment. Timers can be plugged into outlets and lamps, and programmed to turn on and off at certain times of day. This is a great way to give your home or business a "lived in" look even when no one is there. You can also set up sensors around doors and windows so when someone comes into the area or even enters the building, your security system will react and light up any designated areas.

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