How To Deal With Stress And Have Good Health.

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Excessive stress causes virtually every normal person to change from the most acceptable behavioral patterns. These range from excessive alcoholic intake, to use of drugs. Stress can make us behave in various strange ways, like burying oneself in work without getting engaged in exercises, or not eating properly. Stress can result in us behaving quite abnormally, like over-reacting to less important issues and lack of enough sleep and rest.

Excessive stress, no doubt is injurious to our health. The extent to which stress affects us psychologically, may require further study to be fully understood. However, there are certain instances where certain heart diseases are associated with chronic stress. Chronic stress, if not reduced via other forms of exercises or practices can mount more pressure on the heart. Stress releases fat into the blood stream and this could result in blood clots. This can simply result in preventing blood flow to the heart. Extra tension is usually exerted on the arteries if high blood pressure occurs. This may result in damages which could lower oxygen and blood flow to the heart as the blood attempts to cure this damage. Response to stress of this nature could result in heart attack if the heart beat increases at this period and there is no free flow of blood to the heart.

The immune system could also be damaged by stress and this could make the body system to become more prone to diseases like cold and in extreme cases, it could result in arthritis, headaches, improper digestion and when worsen could result in cancer according to recent studies. Stress can also affect the mental health resulting in severe cases of anxiety and depression.

Stress can still be reduced if certain things are done habitually, and other things are avoided completely. For instance, engaging in constant exercise could reduce stress. Maintain a healthy diet and eating regularly is a panacea to stress. Avoid the in-take of alcoholic drinks, smoking, caffeinated drinks and drug.

Do not hesitate to start exercising even if it is now. As you begin, you may find it a little bit of a hard task to do and even an additional load to your already tight schedule, but it is vital you create time no matter how little. Start slowly and before long it will become part of you. If you cannot engage in any form of exercise, then ensure you take a walk as often as possible. What form of exercise you may begin should be as recommended by a specialist. Since there are some form of exercise that may not suit you betting support and approval of people around could help you reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks and stress related disease.

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