The Art of Christian Writing

by Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson - Date: 2006-12-06 - Word Count: 760 Share This!

Over the past years it is not at all surprising that Christian book sales, both fiction and nonfiction works, has soared. In fact not only are more Christian authors making a living from their writing, mainstream traditional book publishers have started to woo Christian authors, especially Pastors whose faces frequently grace Christian television networks. The reason for this is obvious. Christian writing has become more lucrative than it has ever been before.

The art of Christian writing is one that anyone who has passion for writing can master, if they stay focused and steadily perfect their writing. In many ways, Christian writing is not really different from secular writing, except in it's content and approach. For example, as Christian believers, the Bible commissions us to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, as a Christian your writing needs to evangelize and minister to others in the manner that Christ would have. Still, you need to assess your audience and know how to deliver your information. If your audience is mostly a secular one, you need to better clarify your use of Biblical language or you could lose them. Also, you can paraphrase the Scripture in simple every day language and then reference the Bible source, rather than use deep Biblical language that requires revelation knowledge to decipher and understand.

The essence of Christian writing is not just to reach Christian believers, but also to reach others who may be curious about Christianity and who may not know what the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ says or means. Also, Christian writing needs to identify and point out an existing problem, and give guidance and encouragement to readers on how to solve the problem. While many people think or believe that the Bible is just a collection of outdated stories, the Bible is really a "how to do" book that shows us the problems and challenges that individuals experienced, and how they overcame such problems by relying on God's grace and guidance. The Bible also points out the errors that individuals made and how such mistakes created difficulties in their lives, and sometimes even caused their death. Christian writing should mimic the Bible in its presentation of problems and solutions. The art of Christian writing includes bringing into words the light of God, to bring encouragement and hope to readers and solutions to their problems. This is why it is critical that a Christian writer remains an inspired writer. The ancient Greek word origin "theopneustos", which is the meaning of the word "inspiration", really means "God-breathed." So within an inspired Christian writer, God has placed His breath (Genesis 2:7), which is His "inspiration" in you to write.

A Christian writer is one who is driven by holy passion to inspire others. Christian writing should reflect the powerful healing words of God, spoken in truth and honesty to a hurting or wounded soul, to a discouraged mind, to a disconcerted person, to a seeking soul, to a business man or woman, to a father or mother, to a troubled teen or adult, or to a nation or country in distress or despair. Your writing should always present a Christian approach to problem solving in various situations. Christian writing should encourage happy and contented living, a successful and prosperous life, and a conquering mind that focuses on the positive aspects of life and not on the gloomy, negative downside of situations.

Being a Christian writer comes with additional responsibility. You are writing about the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and reaching many souls with powerfully inspired words that can bring new life to them. Perhaps, your Christian writing could stop someone from committing suicide or a couple from getting divorced. You never know how inspired words penned by you could touch another person's life. The art of Christian writing is not frivolous. The Christian writer does not have the luxury to write flippant works, but God-inspired teachings that touch the hearts and minds of many people across the world.

If you have been called to be a Christian writer, know that you have been called to a powerful ministry of bringing hope and new life to many through your brilliantly inspired penmanship. This is not a calling to be taken lightly, but one to be held in the highest esteem. As a Christian writer you have to acknowledge as late Blessed Mother Theresa said, "I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending love letters to the world."

The Holy Bible: Genesis 2:7

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Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson, PhD is the author of an upcoming Christian non-fiction book release, "Rays of Victory: Nailing Racism to the Cross." For more information about the upcoming book release by Marble Tower Publishing, LLC please visit

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