Communication At Its Best

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Communication is not about Radio Transceivers and Radio Transmitters. Communication is the sending and receiving of information. Radio Remote Controls is a part of it. Electronics is a branch of Science that deals with the ability to control the flow of electrons to any devices. Lee De Forest, inventor of triode was able to make an electrical amplification possible.

Electronic Systems may vary from Analog to Digital. Analog values are variables in proportion between signals. Digital electronics are exact values and can only have 2, either "1" or "0". Electronic Communication Equipment had invaded the industry throughout the time. We cannot deny that it has become an essential part of everyday life.

Circuits are composed of Solid-State transistors, Transistor-Transistor-Logic followed until it arrived in miniaturized electronics circuits called Integrated circuits. Complex circuits and further reduction is their key in what we call as microchips. Communication drastically changed its form, starting from varying sizes and features to highly revolutionized Industrial Wireless Controllers.

World War II, considered as the bloodiest battle in history, lasted for about six years has been the first to witness the advantage of Remote Control Technology. As Soviet Union, United states and its allies rallied against the forces of its enemies, the contribution of remote controllers in detonating bombs, controlling naval vessels to crash allied boats carrying bombs is perhaps an evident proof of its power. Scientists began the development of this technology to help industries in mobilization of heavy equipments and wired equipments. Towers had been put up for Satellite Communication and Cell Sites has been continuously sprouting all over the world to give us wider coverage of mobility in our mobile phones. It provides safety precautions as automation was introduced. Automation is used to control systems with the aid of computer or electronics. There are many kind of automation that helps us in everyday life. One good example is the water tank floaters that automatically shut down inflow of water when the sensor detects it.

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