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Lift chairs are designed to make the process of sitting in a chair and getting up an easier task, generally for people with limited mobility problems, back problems, arthritis, or other illness or accidents. They work by lowering the user into the sitting position. When the user wants to get up, the chair will lift and tilt them into an upright standing position. Lift chairs typically take the strain off the back and legs and can be very beneficial to someone who is recuperating from surgery.

There are many styles of lift chairs available from simple models to more luxurious models. Many lift chairs simply look like basic recliners. They are probably the most economical way to go, and come in many different colors and fabrics so you can match them perfectly with your current home décor.

Gentle lift chairs look more traditional. They normally have a button back, and wooden arms, like older chairs. They can also be found in many colors and fabrics, and normally take up less room than a reclining lift chair, so if you have limited space, a gentle lift chair is a good choice.

You can also find many luxury lift chairs. They are made with more expensive fabrics, and are designed with more cushioning in the seat and back. They also generally have larger, overstuffed arms. They are a bit more expensive than typical lift chairs, but look more elegant, and offer more comfort with the extra padding.

You also have the choice of leather for your lift chair. Leather lift chairs are becoming very popular, and can be found in a variety of colors. If you currently have leather furniture, such as a sofa, then you can find a leather lift chair that will match your sofa. You may have to custom order a lift chair in leather, but they are found in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Other styles are available and vary by manufacturer. Many makers of lift chairs offer their own unique style or signature style. Again, these styles will vary by manufacturer, but most offer a wide selection of colors and fabrics even in their signature styles. Of course, choosing a lift chair should be done on the functionality and quality, and not only on the color and style. However, many producers of lift chairs offer the highest quality of lift mechanisms, even with the added elegance and beauty of the chair itself. Visit www.usmedicalsupplies for additional information regarding Pride lift chairs and other mobility products.

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