Network Marketing Success - Ten Commandments

by Charles Onuoha - Date: 2007-01-05 - Word Count: 605 Share This!

1. Think like a prospect--remember this may be the first time that they have undertaken a business such as this. Assume they know nothing and start with the basics. Make them feel very comfortable and be patient as you teach them the skills they need to be successful. A confused prospect will not join your business.

2. Assume that they have limited knowledge-- and more than likely have been exposed to the opinions of well meaning people but have very little factual knowledge of what a Network Marketing business entails. Even if they were involved years ago, things change. MLM is constantly evolving. The everyday language that you use in MLM is foreign to most people. Simplify it so that even a 12 yr old could understand it.

3. Find out what their goals are first--They have to be sold on their own success and committed to changing their fortune before you can have a prosperous partner.

4. Truth and honesty--Can you promote your business without making outrageous claims, if not, why? How do you feel when someone approaches you with hype and exaggeration? See things from your prospects eyes and honor them with the truth. Your business's strongest foundation is built on your relationship with your business partners.

5. Keep in mind what you are selling--You are selling them on the idea that your business can help them achieve their goals and that you will help them. You are part of a group of people who have been drawn together because of the power of many. Yes, you have various interests and reasons for being in business but your strength is in the numbers and the support of the team.

6. Be a friend--People do business with those that they know, like and trust. This may happen very quickly or it may take time, however, be there as a support to people and you will be rewarded for your efforts. To be a better team member enroll in self-development programs. You are where you are because of what has happened in your past. To have a brighter, better future you need to work on who you so you can realize more of your potential.

7. You get what you present-- Promoting a get rich quick business equals people who are in and out at the drop of a hat. Network Marketing is a 2 to 5 yr process of personal and financial development. Letting people know this allows them to be prepared for the time it will take.

8. Know your competition-- what do other companies offer? What are their advantages and disadvantages? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your business?

9. The fortune is in the follow through-- Keep in touch with people, if you get a "no" it may be "no" for now, not forever. There are people who join businesses months and years later. Keep a good list of people that you have talked with or shown the business too. Keep track of their special events, birthdays, children, and anniversaries. To be more in their lives, do more; be above average. The rewards are far greater than just financial.

10. Have a plan--How do you plan to become successful? Do you have your goals written down? Is there someone on your team who is where you want to be in life that can assist you? Remember your business success is your responsibility.

As a final note you are where you are in your business because of what you have done. Avoid the blame game. If you are with a great company but the help is not there, find the resources necessary for you to succeed and go and help others.

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Can you fail your way to success in Network Marketing and is that mantra outdated? Network Marketing is evolving and changing. If you really want to succeed in Network Marketing it's time to educate yourself on the best methods. Great students can become great teachers. Be a great teacher and everyone wins.

After many years of trying and being frustrated. The realization came, to treat Network Marketing like any profession. Find great teachers, learn from them and what is learned can be shared. It's my pleasure to share with you some of my observations on Network Marketing.

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