Solar Lights

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Solar lights are powered by solar energy. They are the perfect and the simplest option for decorating your outdoors. Home owners buy solar lights for decorating their gardens, terraces, walkways and decks. Using these lights are one of the economical ways to enhance the beauty of outdoors, they satisfy home owners, who are conscious about energy saving and safety. As solar lights are the safest kind of lighting, owners do not have to worry about wiring or safety about their children and pet. Moreover, they are easy to install.

Each solar light fixture has a solar collector panel to convert sunlight into electrical energy. One thing you should remember is that solar lights perform on the basis of the amount of sunlight received during the day. Solar lights require a sufficient amount of unobstructed sunlight to recharge the batteries. Solar lights are ideal for such places where a conventional source of electricity is unavailable or difficult to access.

These lights are not useful for all applications. Solar lights are ideal for accent or decorative lighting as it does not produce as much light as an electrically powered light.

Solar lights available today are much more superior to the first generation solar lights. Solar lights use highly efficient rechargeable batteries (solar cells) as the sole power source. Today, they use the latest LED (Light Emitting Diodes) as the light source. Compared to ordinary solar light, LED powered solar lights are highly reliable. White colored solar LED lights are more popular these days.

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