Brabus CL 5.8 V8 - The Exotic Choice.

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Brabus CL 5.8 V8 is an exotic coupe car which is the real Germany sport lineage. It's manufactured by Germany Company (Mercedes-Benz) and it's tuned by Brabus, the Germany tuning company. Brabus is high-performance aftermarket tuning company which specializes in Germany automotive (Maybach, Mercedes-Benz and Smart). Customers who love sport car can either buy cars straight from Brabus or send in their Mercedes to be customized and overhauled. Brabus buys the particular car from Mercedes and then modifies it in-house according to the customer's requests if customers order a car from Brabus.

When Mercedes-Benz prepares to debut CL500 to worldwide showrooms, Brabus start configure and tune up it from original to more exotic car. The new modified car has a high power V8 engine, four 20 inch monoblock wheels, aerodynamic kit, sport suspension kit and the high quality leather interior. The new 5.8L V8 engine can generate 597 Nm torque, 400 Hp. / 294 Kw. Horsepower on 5800 rpm and 0-100 Km. / Hr. accelerate time is 5.9 second. Although, Brabus CL5.8 is the high performance car, but it respect to environment atmosphere. It passed emission test from German Vehicle Inspection Agency, Institute for Motor Vehicle Technology in Essen. And its engine is received all of Euro 4 environment standard.

Brabus design team creates the design program for the original entity making of Mercedes-Benz CL500 coupe. Design objective makes impressive visual and good aerodynamic simultaneously. Front bumper and Rear bumper are produced from high quality Pur-R-Rim material. And spoiler installation uses the same Mercedes-Benz standard position. Therefore, Body drilling is not necessity. Designed front bumper reduces tilt car's front. The sport front spotlight makes the night vision better. Interior design entity of Brabus uses Mastik Leather, the high quality material which is soft and long-lived property. If buyers order to Brabus directly, they can select interior colors and accessories as their like.

Easy way to recognize the original Brabus CL 5.8 V8 is car's body checking. Texts of car's rear are "Brabus" and "5.8" (not Mercedes Benz). A star emblem on car's rear is replaced by "B", Brabus logo. The twin tail pipe tip is engraved by "B" character. However, it's hard to verify the engine if you aren't the expert. Therefore, you should enquire the information about this car from automotive magazines and car websites for the right purchasing.

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