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    • 1.

      No Time to Inspect Your Investment Property? Think Again

      by Jennifer V-E Johnson - 2007-04-24
      When was the last time you, your Property Manager or management company inspected your investment property? Do you know? If not, you should conduct an inspection as soon as possible.I met an Investo...
    • 2.

      Important Considerations Before Buying an Overseas Vacation Home

      by Donovan Carter - 2008-07-03
      Buying a home overseas can mean owning a small piece of vacation paradise, but it can also equal a major headache. From differing ownership and property title laws to navigating an overseas market, f...
    • 3.

      Facility Maintenance Operations

      by Self-Storage-Owner - 2008-07-18
      A large commercial building or physical plant is called a facility and facilities maintenance essentially involves the same tasks as managing different kinds of properties. But the term is used only i...
    • 4.

      Money Saving Tips For Your Vacation

      by Self-Storage-Owner - 2008-07-18
      Summer is a good time for vacations, and it is usually the time that many people decide to take their time off from work and go on one. A main concern when you are on vacation are rentals for a car. I...
    • 5.

      Selling Your House In A Buyers Market

      by Self-Storage-Owner - 2008-07-18
      With economy the way it is today, and houses on the real estate market becoming more and more difficult to sell, there are plenty of things to consider when putting your house up for sale and deciding...
    • 6.

      Ease The Pain Of Divorce - Rent Near Your Family

      by Self-Storage-Owner - 2008-07-18
      When Rich and Debi decided to get a divorce, they of course considered what the cost would be to their children, both short term and long term. They knew that divorce can cause serious problems and is...
    • 7.

      Maintenance For Quality Living

      by Self-Storage-Owner - 2008-07-18
      Building maintenance is very important for providing a quality environment in a home or housing complex. Regular maintenance and repair is an imperative requirement for any structural, mechanical, uti...
    • 8.

      Bargain Real Estate Investments

      by Self-Storage-Owner - 2008-07-18
      Real Estate Investment is nowadays considered as a major case of capital budgeting. It can generate the future stream of income by using state-of-the-art investment analysis. Realty is an immovable pr...
    • 9.

      Dogs Welcome In Apartment Rentals

      by Self-Storage-Owner - 2008-07-18
      Many owners cringe at the thought of leasing space to dog owners. Renters having a dog or two often face many challenges when looking for apartment rentals . One challenge is finding space they find a...
    • 10.

      The Elementary Of Real Estate

      by Self-Storage-Owner - 2008-07-28
      In legal terminology real estate is something that indicates a piece of land with a permanent construction affixed upon it. It is an immovable property. You can find its reference as old as nearly thr...